born March 15,2001 and died March15,2001.
Remembered by Angela,David,Logan,Alexander Osmolinski:
My daughter Caressa would have been two years old here in a few days and I long to have her hear to hold but it was not ment to happen that way for what ever reason. The year she died I lost ten really close people one of them being Caressa. I though that I was going to die from a broken heart but some how I have made it through the tough times. I still have a hard time around her birthday but the pain is getting more barrable with time. I would like to say to all of you who think you can't make it through the hard times you can do it. I found that writeing down how I felt in a note book helped when there was no one to listen to me cry. I hope all of you the best in dealing with the pain of your loss. I would also like to say HAPPY Birthday to my little girl even though she is not with us We love you Caressa Marie Osmolinsk. Thank you for you beutiful web sit and for the chance to say how I felt. Angela Osmolinski


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