born December 19, 2002 and died December 30, 2002.
Remembered by Mom, Dad, Brother Ryan, Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunties, Uncles and Cousins:
A poem In Rememberance of Derek He was born with no chance of survival. We all knew the day was coming, but still people said it could be a miracle. I prayed for God to keep him safe and loved, but please do not take him away from us. I held him the night before, knowing that the time was coming. It hit like the pain of a thousand stabbing knives, for a second he was calm, looking perfect as ever, but it was the most horrible cry that sent shivers down my spine. Why must this happen I thought, Two gasps of air and he was gone, Why couldn't he be a miracle? What did we do to have him taken away? I've never felt a pain like this before, my heart broke into pieces. So I look down at the hole, and back to the blue box. He can't really be in there, can he? Forever he will be in this space, marked by a stone. We love you Derek and miss you very much. A day won't go by that we don't think of you.


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