stillborn March 4, 2003.
Remembered by Your Mommy:
To my precious angel, the one I love so dear. When I found out I was pregnant I felt excitement with little fear. For you were the one I was needing and loned for in my heart. Yet the news was starteling and I didn't know where to start. The day I found out what you were going to be, I was overwhelmed with the excitement, “ A little girl for me.“ The very next day to the store your nanny and I went, lots of outfits and onesies for my little girl to fit. You had flowers in your room with your beautiful bed and your walls were painted green. How beautiful and perfect we all made for you, I wish you could have seen. Your daddy and I would sit and talk of how you would be, so perfect for us, and we just couldn't wait to see. For when that day did come how hard it was for us to see our precious girl and already had to give her up. But in that time I had with you I held you so close to me. It was very hard letting you go, but I knew one day together we would all be. In that very moment I saw you, in the hands of the lord you go, Just remember that your daddy and I love you very much and our feelings for you will always show. You will always and forever be “mommies little lady bug!“ I love you very much!!!


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