miscarried Between 1987 and 1996.
Remembered by Your sister Tahnee:
I never knew any of you, but would have liked to. I don't know if you were boys or girls, but I have a feeling the first one of you, who came before me, just might have been a boy. You would have been my big brother, and we'd probably annoyed and teased each other, but would still loved one another lots. The other two,you would've been my little brothers or sisters, and I'd have loved you heaps. Just like I love our living brother and sister now. Our Mum wonders about you sometimes. She would've loved you lots too, as would have Dad and everyone else.I wonder, would any of you have looked like me? Or like our brother and sister? I'll have to wait and find out. Meet you in Heaven, angel babies. Lots of love, Your sister Tahnee


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