miscarried March 28, 2003.
Remembered by Michelle and Curtis:
For seventeen weeks and five days you’ve brought joy and laughter into our home and lives with the excitement of your arrival on August 25, 2003, that day will never come now. On March 28, 2003 at 5:20 p.m. (6oz), Joshua you came into this world and left in an instant leaving behind a family who loved you with all their heart a soul just waiting to met you for the first time. Your daddy and I will always cherish the private moment we had talking to you and rubbing on my belly to see if you felt the touches. Our dreams for you will never transpire, but our love will last a lifetime and beyond. Your big brother Caron and I will always cherish the moment that we shared with you while watching you sleep your way back to heaven. I checked you entire tiny body from head to toe, making sure that my baby had everything. Joshua you brought joy, peace and love into my life for a short time that will last me a lifetime. Although our hearts are braking now and tears are falling our love for you has grown even stronger. Joshua your daddy and I miss you everyday, we sit and talk about what it would have been like to hear you laugh, cry, and making baby sounds; we already knew that you where your father's son looking exactly like Curtis. We know that God loved you more and gave us the pleasure of meeting you but saw best for you to return to him. My arms long for you and my heart ache from missing you, but I know someday we will all met again, but until that day watch over your loving family. Rest in peace my sweet baby boy “Joshua Isaiah Free” Love always your Mommy and Daddy


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