miscarried April 23, 2003.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy and big brother, Colin:
Dear Sweet Baby Cooper we love you so much. From the moment we knew we were expecting you our lives were filled with an abundance of excitement and joy. We wanted so badly to have another child. We anticipated the day that we would finally meet you and hold you in our arms. We wondered if you would be a boy or a girl and if you would look like your big brother, Colin. We were so thrilled and excited when we saw you on an ultrasound at 8 1/2 weeks. It was that same day we saw you moving around so graciously and saw your beautiful little heart beating. A few weeks later, when we lost you at 11 weeks, Daddy and I were so devistated and felt so empty and heartbroken (your big brother, Colin, who is 2 years old, is too young to realize exactly what happened but we know he would be sad to know that he lost a brother or sister). We shed tears of sorrow and sadness. So many people were saddened by the terrible news. There are many people who love you and care about you as much as Daddy, Colin and me. We believe that God has taken you back to the beautiful heavens for a reason and that some day we will meet again. Until that day, please know that we love you very much and that we will never forget about you, for you will be in our hearts forever. We look forward to the day that we will be reunited with you in heaven. We LOVE you so very much! Huggs and Kisses, Mommy (Sara), Daddy (Mike) and big brother, Colin


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