miscarried 06 October 1999.
Remembered by Tracy:
Sweet one.... it is time to let you go! Because I know that you have to make the heavens a brighter place and I know you can't do that while I am holding on so tight. Thank you for choosing me and when you are ready and want to try again... choose me again because I want to know you so much! You made me so happy! I am lost without you! Good bye my angel. I will miss you and wish for every day....
Like a window pane
Broken by a storm
Each tiny piece of me lies alone
and scattered...
Far beyond repair
All my shiny dreams just lying there
I'm broken but I am laughing
It's the sound of falling glass
I hope that you won't mind if I cry in public
While I wait for this to pass
Coz Sweet darling
I'm shattered
Into fragments cold and grey
Sweep the pieces far away
So no-one will ever know how much it mattered
That something deep inside of me
Is Shattered


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