born January 24, 2003 and died April 21, 2003.
Remembered by Mommy:
Kyrstin Elizabeth was a wonderful baby. She was very happy and pleasant and content. She had a way of stealing the hearts of those who were around her. She had a beautiful smile, which she was always displaying. She hardly ever cried and she loved to cuddle. I was (and still am) a proud mother. I thought life could not get any better. However on Monday April 21st 2003 at 5:46am, my little girl passed away. She became a victime of SIDS. Just as quickly as she came into my life, she quickly left my life. I can not express the pain and grief that I feel. I no longer have my little girl. I do know, that she is safe in the arms of Jesus. Some sweet day, I will see her beautiful face and hold her once more. My little Kyrstin as now become my little angel. She will always be mommy's little girl, and I will always love her. She is greatly missed by her grandparents and aunts. We will never forget the little one who could light up a room with her smile and steal our hearts with just one glance. I love you honey, mommy can't wait to see you again. Sincerely, Kyrstin's Mommy


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