born July 2, 1997 and died November 16, 1997.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy and Matthew:

You must have been an angel, the way you came and went.
Our "one in a billion" Miracle Baby they said we'd never have.
You came at a time when life was darkest,
Six years of hoping for you had taken its toll.
And we were drifting apart and living in dark and gloom.
Yet in four short months, you showed us how happy we could be.
We will have to remember what you taught us, now that you are gone.

You must have been an angel, which is why you could not stay.
You and Matthew were due on the same day,
And four short months to the day you left us.
The last few weeks, you must have known
The end was drawing near -- You played all day and would not sleep
To give us all time together -- you did not wish to be alone.

You must have been an angel -- you grew up so fast!
You talked and laughed and grinned and giggled.
You walked and grasped and sat and zoomed.
You were the "Wiggly Piggly", and the "Nutty Pea".
And most of all -- you showed us how much you loved us.

You must have been an angel, the way you changed our lives.
Those four short months made us all so very happy.
The happiest of times, and the saddest of times,
All in one short year.

You must have been an angel, to leave us in this way.
It hurts so much to have you gone, we don't know what to say.
We only hope you've found peace -- up in Heaven's way.

You must have been an angel, you touched so many lives.
A spark of life wherever you went, touching hearts with your love and innocence.

You must have been an angel ......
Charlie, My Baby Boy
You Were Daddy's Pride
And Mommy's Joy
You Came From Afar
On A Twinkling, Golden Star
And Gave Us Four Months Of A Wonderful Ride


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