born June 5, 1997 and died June 5, 1997.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
In Memory of One Sweet Light
Since all belongs to God and He reminds us we're His own,
our children are not ours to keep ---
they're only here on loan.
They are a brilliant spark from God's eternal light above---
sent here to families God is sure will shower them with love.
They come to give the world the gifts that only they can bring ...
sweet innocence, accepting faith and hope in everything.
Yet now and then our hearts are torn when such a special child
is only here to shine that light on earth a little while.
Remembering their lives brings joy, although our hearts still grieve,
there's so much love and comfort in the memories they leave.
God's holding that sweet child right now just as He's holding you.
He knows the awful pain you bear---
He lost His dear child too.

In loving memory of our precious son,
the sweet light of love who now shines in Heaven with God.
Author Unknown

Nathaniel came and went in an instant, taking with him a lifetime of hopes and dreams we had for him. We will hold him in our hearts forever. Mommy and Daddy love you and miss you Nathaniel!


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