stillborn July 1, 2003.
Remembered by Tom and Marcie Vermilye; Grandparents Mike and Melissa Speichinger and family:
Your daddy and I prayed for you to come into our lives every day. We were so happy to hear that you were finally with us. On mommy's tummy, your daddy kissed you goodnight every night. When the doctors told us that you were very sick, we could not imagine a world without you. You were so brave and strong to live in mommy's tummy as long as you did. In the hospital, mommy told you it was okay to go live with God and your grandparents Wilbur and Char. Mommy and daddy will see you again and we will all be together forever. You made mommy and daddy better people for just being you. Daddy still kisses you goodnight every night in his dreams. We will always love our brave and strong little boy so very much.


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