miscarried AUGUST 4, 2003.
Remembered by HOLLY:
THE FOLLOWING IS A POEM I WROTE FOLLOWING THE LOSS OF MY OWN CHILD TWO YEARS AGO...KEEP IN YOUR THOUGHTS ALSO THAT I NOW HAVE MY DAUGHTER MICHAELAH THAT WAS CONCIEVED 3 MONTHS LATER...WE LOVE YOU ERIN...KEEP YOUR HOPES UP AND WE WILL KEEP YOU IN OUR PRAYERS...I HOPE THIS HELPS... LOVE ALWAYS.... HUG HUGS HUGS HOLLY IN MEMORY OF BABY MORGAN miscarried July 26, 2001. Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, J.D. and Dakotah: With nothing more than a whisper, it broke our hearts in two. The miscarriage I was having wasn't just a problem, it was you. From day one of conception, you were a life to me, our baby. To lose you so early was the hardest thing for me. There was no funeral, no burial, no place to visit with our family. There was just an emptiness I do not know how to fill. I have come to the distinct impression that I never will. We are trying to find answers to why we lost you and I have concluded it was God's Will. It is hard to accept, especially since you are not the first I've lost, my only solice is the knowledge that I have two angel's in Heaven to look over the next one. We will try again, but you have my word it will not be your replacement, only your extension from Heaven to here on Earth. Remember we love you even as the grieving fades, We will never forget you even through the decades. You are part of our family, and always will be. We will see you for the first time in Eternity.


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