stillborn November 2000.
Remembered by Your Mommy:
Dylan, It is hard to believe that almost 3 years have passed from the day you were born. Time goes by so quickly and things change so much. We are all doing fine. Your brothers are growing up and Allison is adorable. She looks so much like your Dad, it's amazing. I know you & her share the same features because you looked so much like your Dad too. :) We miss you. We miss those dreams of watching you grow up, your first everything - but I hold dear to my heart the fact that I know you are with our father in heaven, waiting for us to join you. I think about my own life from time to time and I feel so blessed because I know I have the best of both worlds. I know that I have my children here on earth, but I also have my children in heaven! So no matter where I am, I am a mother - which is the greatest blessing of my life. You are my angel in heaven, I miss you and love you - and will never forget you. Rest well my love - Mommy.


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