born September 8, 1998 and died May 10, 1999.
Remembered by Robert and Janet Sons:
I remember the moment Jenna was born it was almost automatic that we turned and looked into each others faces and I knew from that moment on there would never be anyone that would touch my heart or change my life in the way this beautiful baby girl has. Jenna was born with a condition called gastroschesis--she was in and out of the hospital 95% of her 8 month life. But this little girl was a fighter. She loved, laughed, and believe it or not she was even beginning to get a mischievious side to her. I can still hear her cooing at me when I sang "You are My Sunshine" to her, the nights when I would sneak into my daughter's room and take Jenna to my room with me where we would "talk" and play for hours. And the first time my daughter let me take Jenna to the market was just wonderful...oh I was so proud: this was my grandbaby, my first. I miss her more than words can ever describe and the pain is unbearable. But I also have been so blessed in being allowed to be part of this little angel's life, better than all the riches in the world. Tomorrow would have been Jenna's first birthday, and my daughter and I are having a "birthday" party for her at the cemetary: cake, balloons, etc. We love you little baby girl.


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