born May 12, 1999 and died July 17, 1999.
Remembered by his mommy and daddy Len and Rosanna:
Gabriel died of SIDS in his sleep. We miss him very much and still cry every day and it has been a month.

by Rosanna Fujimoto, Dedicated to Gabriel Akemi Fujimoto

It's done, it's through, there's no more you.
You're gone, I cry, I can't hear you coo.
I'm sad, Dad's mad, what more could we do?
You were safe, you were warm, you were so brand new.
You slept, we prayed, what else could we do?
We loved you, we cuddled you, where are you off to?
With God, on his knee, we know where you'll be.
Never hungry, never sad, the way you were meant to be.
You're playing and happy, blowing kisses to dad and me.
We love you for always, just wait and see.
In Heaven together for all eternity.


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