died November 2, 1981.
Remembered by his mom, Sherokee:
"Your little life has changed me deeply. I am forever grateful for your footprints on my heart and for the gifts that have come to me, and to others, because of you. The pain and anguish were intense for so long, yet now it is love, compassion and faith that overwhelm me now. Thank you, my sweet little one. You have inspired me."

Brennan's Birthday Tribute, November 2,1982
A year has gone by, it has painfully passed.
My arms still so empty, my heart, it beats fast.
My darling Brennan, how I wish you were here.
I've missed you immensely this long, lonely, tough year.
I'll never forget you, your precious, innocent face.
Your cute tiny fingers, your dark hair all in place.
Life must goon, for your dad and I.
It doesn't mean we don't miss you, or that we don't cry.
A brother or sister, we look forward to soon.
We'll tell them about you, for in our hearts there is room,
for all of our children, both future and past.
My darling Brennan, in my heart, your memory will last.


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