stillborn 4th august 2003.
Remembered by kelsea your sister tonilou your sister leah your sister chantelle your sister michael your brother a:
Its hard to say goodbye to you ‘a baby that’s so small It started with your scan picture that is still upon are wall When I look at this picture and see you now I’ve got one question and that is, how? How can this happen to are baby so quick? But there is one consolation you never got sick I remember at night lying in bed With all the excitement running through my head I would feel a kick or maybe a dig But I knew by this you were getting big You were so much wanted and loved by us all We had a list upon are wall All the kids all six of them Had a job written in pen kelsea was the first to sit him on her lap Then came Jordan patting his back Toni-lous first job was to give him a bath Then one day we had to laugh She said one day so innocently Where’s the taps so we said ask lee Chantelle was going to be the first to have a picture with reece I just said yes for a bit of peace She was so much looking forward to her baby brother She would have been a little mother Leah’s first job she was looking forward to this It was to push him in his pram oh wouldn’t that be bliss To have him just for one day There are so many things we would have to say And as for Michael he was giving him his first feed This job to him was important indeed He bought the first bottle from the local store Oh Reece you wouldn’t have wanted for more So there is one last thing to say to my son Goodbye from me and goodbye from your mum


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