born October 9, 1999 and died October 27, 1999.
Remembered by Mommy (Heather) and Daddy (Chris):
Reilly, Daddy wrote this for you the evening you went to Heaven:

Letting an Angel Fly Home
You came too soon, you couldn't wait,
thirteen weeks from your due date.
The first of twins, you fought so hard,
but life dealt you some awful cards.
We had such hopes that you'd do well,
that you'd thrive, despite this hell.
They breathed for you and kept you stable,
in the hopes that you'd soon be able,
To breathe yourself, or smile with glee-
but that, sweet girl, was not to be.
We named you Reilly, for one Courageous,
One strong and brave and trepidatious.
We watched you fight for 18 days,
and marveled how you found the way
To rally back, keep coming around,
so much fight in one little pound.
Then you showed us you were through,
you just had no fight left in you.
We told the staff and let them know,
that it was now your time to go.
So we prepared to say goodbye,
and tried to see through tear-filled eyes,
That we were blessed to meet you dear,
the only part that we see clear.
Our memories of your short life,
will be more than just pain and strife.
We'll recall our holding you,
and how our hearts were sad and blue.
And how relieved we finally were,
to know that you'd feel pain no more.
And when your sister's old enough,
to understand this heavy stuff,
She'll know how much you gave her days,
all your gifts, in all your ways.
You will be missed, each day we'll try,
to muddle through with tears in eyes.
And we will know, though sadness stings,
You've gone home, Reilly, on Angel's wings.
Reilly was our "donor" baby in a twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome pregnancy, Lindsay is the "recipient" baby and is thriving now.
Reilly, I miss you more than you'll ever know. I wish I could have taken away every second of pain that you had to endure. I will never question what you would have been like or looked like as long as I have Lindsay. I only wish you were here to have the special bond with your identical sister. I know she loves you so for giving her life. Your big brother, Andrew misses you much and both Andrew and Lindsay will grow up knowing you, we will never forget you, sweet baby girl. Angels welcomed you and God holds you now. Until we meet again, know that you are always in Mommy's heart.


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