born December 24th,2001 and died January 6th,2002.
Remembered by grandma Parker,Pap Parker:
Korbyn was born on December 24th,2002. My daughter deliver her in her 24 weeks. The only time I(grandma) got to hold her is when they were removing her from her life support machines because the Doctors said they couldn't do no more for her. The Doctor gave her morphine in her IV then started to remover all the machines. Korbyn lived 15 minutes after all the machines were off, I looked in her eyes and told her it was ok she can go home now and she closed her eyes and took her last breath and just few seconds after that it snow. My husband and I and our Pastor looked at the window to see the white falling snow and I said the Lord just took an angel home. I have a hard time dealing with it yet.


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