stillborn March 3rd, 2000.
Remembered by mommy(Carolyn), Ashlynn and Nicholas:
I had an Placenta Abruption and bled internally, and they didn't catch it till it was too late. We lost Brenden at 28 weeks. He would almost be 4 years old and it's hard to amagine what he would look like and just who my little man would be. I have 2 other children 1 and 2, but there's nothing like the love of the 1st child. I miss him terribly each and everyday and exspecially on holidays and his birthday. I wish so bad that all my children were here alive and safe with me, but all things happen for a reason, it's just real hard to deal with sometimes! As we all know. My heart goes out to all parents whom have lost. Hang in there! I love you Brenden and miss you daily, please come visit in mommy's dreams some night, it's been awhile son. Love you always and forever!!!


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