born August 27, 2003 and died August 29, 2003.
Remembered by Mommy and Sister Kayla:
My baby Angel. You looked so cute when you were born. I still remember seeing you, since it's only been a few months but It is like it was yesterday. I saw you kicking and crying and you looked beautiful, just like an “Angel“. I never thought you would leave me so soon, But I guess God had a plan for you. I miss you so so much, Kayla always asks for her bubba, since she saw you only breifly. I remember your hair and your soft skin. I know I will be with you one day. I really miss holding you, I only got to hold you for a short time. It is so hard, I know we can make it you are truly an Angel and you will watch over us. I love you and Miss you so much. I just want you to be good. Love Mommy and Kayla (sister)


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