born August 27, 2003 and died August 29, 2003.
Remembered by Daddy (Pedro) Sister (Kayla):
My baby boy. My pride and joy. Angel made my set complete. I have my daughter Kayla and now my SON was here. I was so excited and overwhelmed with joy. When I received the phone call, the one that was telling me that you were really sick. I was shocked and did not want to believe what I was hearing. I thought that if I did not listen that you would not die. It was a nightmare. and I still can't believe it. All of my dreams for you are shattered. I know you are in a better place and I know that there are alot of people in heaven that will watch over you. You touched so many hearts in your little time that you were here with us. I really miss you and I pray to God that He take Special Care of you since you are truly an “Angel“ I bet you have a lot of friends and you get to play all day long. Your sister really misses you. Angel I love you and your mommy loves you. So does your aunts and uncles, and all of your cousins. They were so excited that they were going to have another cousin and that you were going to be a boy. all of the boys were ready for you. Mijo I miss you. Love always Daddy.


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