stillborn 12-20-2001.
Remembered by Mommy and Big Sister Tiana:
On December 20, 2001 our lives changed forever. I was a mommy again and Tiana a sister but we didnt get to take our baby home.. Although my baby no longer lived, I knew that I was going to find a comforting place with God. This was the worst day for me, and God was able to lead me to draw close to him and gave me hope to see my Bella again. I held her and wanted to sing a little song to her but she couldn't hear me, and I would keep looking at her eyes waiting for them to open but they wouldn't. So I am going to keep her alive in our hearts and in our memory. She would be 2 years old on Dec. 20, running around, probably having Tiana run after her cleaning her mess :)... I want everyone to remember her and know that she IS part of my family.


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