stillborn December 30, 2003.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
He entered our lives as a surprise and left it loved and as our son. For seven months we watched my belly grow with Jalen inside, squirming up a storm. That lonely night of not feeling him kick I will forever have in my mind. The tears I cried before I called the hospital with the horrible instinct that something was wrong, matched the tears we cried together when we heard no heartbeat that day. I gave birth to a perfect little boy who had his fathers lips and his mothers feet. I only wish I could have seen his eyes open up to see us, but I am glad he did not get to see our tears. We will forever have a hole in our hearts and soles for the baby boy we lost and loved more than we could ever have imagined...Mommy and Daddy love you Jalen Dylan...born at 3:04pm and weighted 3lbs. 8ozs. and was 16 1/4 in. long.


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