born 2/9/00 and died 11/7/02.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, WoWo, Aliyah, Sidonni, Tiasha, Aunt Reanna & Cole, Unc Unc, Mom Mom, Jason Jahsan & ba:
Mulah Man, Not a second of the day goes by witout me thinking about you. My life is forever changed by you leaving it. I still don't understand how you can be gone. I am still trying to figure out life with you not in it. you were a shining star. You made everyone so happy and everyone loved you so much. You were the life of our family. So loving and caring. Everyone who knew you loved you so much. And you loved everyone. You were always so happy and full of life. A great big beautiful smile that would brighten up anyone's day, especially mine. You were my side kick, My right hand man. Everything I did you did with me and I thank God that I did not take you for granted. I thank God I have so many memories with you. We spent so much time together I was there to see everything. I am still full of the pain and heartache for you not being here but I pray one day that I will beable to close my eyes and fully enjoy the memories I have of us together. I love you Mulah Man. You have a speical place in my heart that only belongs to you. You were always my special boy when you were here now I guess you are my special little angel. I love you and I miss you so much. God knows how much I miss you. You are forever presant in all that I do. For as long as I live you will live through me. I will never let your memory die. I will never let anyone forget how important you were to me. Catch my Kisses to Heaven Baby I Love You!!!! Forever And Always, Mommy My Angel As I look into the Heavens Piercing through a cloud Sometimes I think I see you Laughing there out loud. I know it's just a dream But it helps to get me through Nothing seems the same Since I said Goodbye to you. I know that you are happy And watching over me From the pain and the sadness You have been set free In my heart I have an album Especially of you With pictures and memories And times shared by two You've always been my angel Now you have your wings Walking through the Heavens Where a shoir of Angels sing As I walk along the road That life brings each day I know that you are with me In each and every way With all that you have taught me Stored within my heart Your so in my memories We'll never be apart You've always been my angel Now you have your wings Walking through the Heavens Where the choir of Angels sin copyright JR/Gods Typist 1999


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