stillborn 4-22-04.
Remembered by cheryl and brian fink (mom and dad):
Beautiful, perfect baby boy. YOu look just like your daddy. YOu were so perfect, just what I had expected. I knew you were perfect from day one because I've never loved anyone like I love you. I miss you tremendously even though I never got a good chance to know you, hold you, see your eyes, or hear you cry. I remember your kicks, your gymnastics inside of me-the twists and turns that lead to the knot in the cord that took you from me. I would give anything to hold you, know you, tell you how much your dad and I love you. I can't begin to understand the reasons that you're not with me right now, but I know that your grandma is taking good care of you in heaven, and that one day mommy will get to hold you again and tell you how wonderful you are and how youve changed my life, even though we never got to spend the time together that I dreamed of. I hope that you understand that one day, hopefully soon, you will have a brother or sister. That I never want to replace you, nor will I ever forget you, I just want to love a baby, and I can't love you the way i want to. I do love you more than anything sweet angel boy, please take care of your grandma for us and say hello to God for me. Love you always, Mom


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