miscarried May 28th, 2004.
Remembered by Daddy and Mommy:
It is just not fair that you were taken from us so soon and so sudden. That day will remain in our thoughts forever. We can ask why, though we will never know. There must be a reason, that is what everyone says but to us, there is only pain and sorrow. Though you both only had a chance to live inside my womb for 17 very short weeks, you must know we loved you both so very much. Though we will never be able to hold you both in our arms, we will never forget how much we love you still. You are our first born and will always be in our hearts and souls forever. We miss you so very much and today when we laid you both to rest together, we know you will never suffer and will always have each other until we meet again someday. LOVE YOU ALWAYS.... Mommy and Daddy.


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