born 5-20-03 and died 6-29-04.
Remembered by daddy: derrick mommy: andrea stepmom: crystal stepdad: ryan, aunts, uncles, grandparents:
“Goodbye“My love for you will never cease;It will grow stronger through the years,As I flip through your pictures.With laughter and with tears.You were our miracle baby,And I wanted so much to believe.That we would have you always,I had so many fears,As Andrea went into labor.But when I saw your precious face,My worries were swept away.I wanted to be the perfect dad,Like my father was to me.Although your life was short,You touched too many hearts too name.As I sit on the swing outside.I stare at your wagon,And recall how you liked to ride.I will never forget how you loved to dance,You would shake your head to the beat.I would pick you up and twirl you around,On sunday mornings you woke me up,You'd come in the kitchen and help scramble eggs,Then get them all over the den.For what pains me most,Are the memories I'll never see.You said “momma“ and “daddy“ and “football“,Would that have been your favorite sport?Would you have been a firman or a doctor or lawyer?I'll never see you walk down that aisle,With a beautiful girl on your arm.And I'll never get to see your face As you witness your own firstborn.I will always love you,Special angels are hard to find.Now we must pray and get strength from God,And to understand that it was His will.It's very difficult to live without son,I wasn't ready to say “Goodbye“.


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