miscarried February 22, 2002.
Remembered by Alexandra Cole:
I never thought it was appropriate to miss you, Garret. I never even thought it was allright for me to call you by name. I thought I had no right to grieve because you have an older brother and, later, a younger one. I never could figure out why my family never felt “full“ to me until I realized that I feel like you should be here. There are supposed to be three of you, not two. I adore your brothers and know that if you had come into our lives Aidan would not have. I guess I should thank you for giving him a chance at life. He's really special. Since Aidan was born I've lost three more babies. They all died VERY early, but I guess you already know that. The last one I think might have been a girl, just a feeling. Please keep your sister safe. I know you're guarding your brothers. I know you sit at the feet of God. Thanks for lasting as long as you did so that I could know you were here. I miss you.


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