miscarried Aug 13, 2004.
Remembered by Zober Family:
I loved you from the first time I heard about you I wanted to hold you and help you the first time I saw you I wanted to give you everything, to love and laugh with you, to dream with you and for you, to take care of you. You were a part of me, and always will be. But now youíve gone. Before I had the chance to hold you and love you. Before I had the chance to look into your eyes or see your smile. I feel like part of me has died with you. I feel like part of me was ripped out when I lost you Iím so sorry if you died because of anything I did. Iím so sorry you will miss out on being part of our family, on getting to know your brothers and you father and myself. We all had so much love just waiting to shower on you when you were born. No other child can replace you. You will never be forgotten. We miss you, and love you. Always, Your family


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