stillborn 2/23/04.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy Who Love You Very Much:
Hi Baby, just wanted you to know that daddy & I miss you very much.. We think of you everyday and wish you were here with us.. I know you were needed somewhere else. It hurts so much that you are not here, but I know we will be together one day.. Your with grandma now, she will take care of you until Daddy & I get there, but for now daddy will take care of me as I will take care of him.. Give me the strength to be okay and understand what has happened to you.. I know you are in a better place and you will not suffer what this world has to offer, you will never suffer or feel the pain I do that you are no here with me and daddy.. I know one day we will be a family again.. One day I will give you a sister or brother that will be proud of thier big brother Sebastian.. I promise we will be whole one, until then I love you, I miss you, your are my LOVE..


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