stillborn April 21 2001.
Remembered by Mimi PaPa and brother Brandon:
My sweet Makayla, We all miss you and think about you. I'll never forget the morning you were born. So tiny so perfectly formed and so silent. I am so glad the nurse let me give you your first and only bath. I had to handle you so carefully. I know you were there in spirit as I rocked you and sang to you before they came and took you away. Your big brother Brandon thinks about you and wonders what you would have been like. I tell him you would have been as special and as sweet as he is. He often gets your memory book out and looks at your pictures and all your tiny memento's. You are in heaven now with one of your other siblings and your Uncle Kristopher Simpson. You have a piece of our hearts with you my love. Mimi PaPa and Brandon


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