born July 20,2004 and died July 20,2004.
Remembered by All Who Loved Them:
It is the feel of those little fingers (So warm, so tiny) which grip our own that we will miss. It is the sound of their breath (Slow and Quiet) during an afternoon sleep that we will never hear. It is the sweet smell of their baby skin (So pink, so soft) we will not have the chance to enjoy that makes these days so long. These little sensations are what we crave from the three sweet butterflies who left us only short days ago. As the years go by, the Cherry and May Day trees will grow and flourish as will our little girl before us now. Her cries will grow to words and her thoughts will grow wise to the love of those left behind. It is the absence of touch (Trusting and curious) which reminds us of our loss. It is the silence in the home (Where laughter should have been) which keeps them in our thoughts. It is the realization of love (Though the years may pass and pass) which can never take them away. Love you forever, your family


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