miscarried 19th September 2004.
Remembered by Your Mommy and Daddy xxx:
Our Special Little Girl Number 3. We loved you so much and we wanted you more than anything. We loved you from day one and always will. We wish we didn't have to say good bye and that you'd be able to stay with us. But fate took its course and made you go...we tried so much to keep you but no matter how hard we tried nothing worked and we lost you. We want you to know how much we loved you and that you did nothing wrong. Mommy and daddy will never forget you and you'll always have a special place in a heart. We miss you, take care sweetie and don't be scared. Your 2 sisters will look after you. And one day in the future we'll all be together again. But for now remember how much we love you and that you were only little star, our little baby girl. Thinking of you, Sweet dreams our baby girl Lots of Love Mommy and Daddy xxx


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