stillborn October 6, 2004.
Remembered by Gina, John, Alex, Peyton and Natalie Urso:
My heart aches and breaks every day for all that could have been and should have been for you with us. There will always be a hole in my living days, my family pictures, my holidays that cannot be filled, where you should have been. My arms never felt so empty as the day I had to leave the hospital without you. I swear I can still feel you moving. You are perfect and healthy in heaven now, and there is no sadness for you, just for me. I can only pray that you feel my deepest love for you, and how much you are loved by those left behind. Stay with me Mia, the angel on my shoulder, that I may never be without you. I love you so much, and I will miss you so deeply until the day Mommy can hold you in my arms again. All my love, forever and always.


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