born May 9, 2004 and died May 24, 2004.
Remembered by Mommy Lupita:
A DREAM STORY Forgive me Iím in without advice Isnít the hour and place I have to tell you in heaven arenít that bad. Tomorrow donít remember that, ďOnly was a dreamĒ you repeat, and like a answer across a shooting star. And when l leave, my life on the earth will be in peace, I only want say goodbye, give to you a kiss and see you again. Promise me Mommy, to be happy. You look beautiful with your smile And then, only that way. I want to remember you. Like that, like before. Like that, go ahead. Like that, mommy. Will better like that. Now its time to rest, Just I come In to the your dreams to see you again, That sad night I didnít say goodbye.


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