stillborn 8-18-04.
Remembered by Sheila Rentas:
As I close my eyes at night and awaken in the morning light you are what i see.Knowing you're an angel flying towards heaven eases my broken heart but not having you by my side is leaving me empty inside.there's a void where your presence is felt a cold silence from your cries an aching pain in my breath from your absent lips,no fingers to count,no toes to tickle,no smile to feel warm and fuzzy to,no loving eyes to look upon and fall in love with.An angel was born today pure and innocent and was taken away from me.Her memory will be alive in our hearts,but she is no longer here for me to smell,touch,kiss or hug.I'll no longer see my little girl,for she is in heaven watching over me.As i wipe my tears away i know i have to be strong but every day i seem to miss you more and more knowing one day we will be together again.For now my prayers will reach the heavens above and my love will last a life time.God Bless You Arianna and May You Rest in Peace.Love Mommy. By Sonia Colon


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