stillborn November 30, 2000.
Remembered by Your Mommy, Charity:
Tomorrow would have been your 4th birthday. Its amazing how time goes by so fast these days, I imagine your 4th birthday being a wonderful day. I imagine you running around, excited about new toys, wrestling with your brothers, asking for macaroni & cheese (like your sister so often does!) I realize if you had lived all these things & more would be true and I'd be thankful for them. But I know that's not the case - my only truth is that I love & miss you everyday, and I am at peace with the fact that the Lord called you home early, your existance with me phyiscally was all mine, I was the only one that ever physically felt you, I am a lucky person. I hope when its my time to meet the Lord, that you are with him, anxiously waiting for me to hold you. You are a very special part of mine & your Dad's life. Your coming into our lives, meant so much, changed so much, created this unbreakable bond between him & I that we needed. Your life had such meaning, and will never be forgotten. All our love, this day & all days - forever....................your Mom, Charity


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