miscarried November 30, 2004.
Remembered by Margaret, Daniel , Audrey , Corinne, Tommy & Alyssia:
Though this baby was only with us for 6 weeks, he/she was LOVED and we all looked forward to having him or her in our lives. The other children were looking forward to a baby brother or sister this Summer! Because I was only 6 weeks along, we are not sure if our baby was a boy or a girl but because he or she left us on the Feast of Saint Andrew (11/30) we named “him“ Andrew as a remembrance. We took the sac and placed it in a beautiful gold box I had saved from when my 7 yr old gave me a pretty locket for Mothers Day. We had a memorial service, burying him properly and saying prayers of his acension into Heaven. We sprinkled holy water and knew he was now our Guardian Angel whom we will meet him in Heaven someday. The miscarriage was truly devastating! We wanted the baby so much....I never cried so much.....but we know this was Gods will for whatever reason. It hardly seemed fair at the moment but now I am at peace. I hope to become pregnant again next month! Please say a prayer for us!!! Thank you!


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