stillborn November 30, 2000.
Remembered by Your Mom, Charity:
Dear Dylan, Looking outside, at the blue sky, small clouds drifting by, I often wonder what you are doing, your dancing soul, your beautiful spirit. I think about the first time I held you, was only with you physically for a little over an hour, it went by so fast. Too fast. I wish my love that life would have been able to keep you a lot longer than the 6 months that your heart beat, I wish that you'd of had the same opportunities that your brothers and sister has, I wish they could have met you. I don't question why the Lord called you home so fast. I know that his reasons are all that matters and are out of my control. But I can't help but admit that I do miss the what could have beens about you. I do love you and will always, I will always think about you and miss you, and pray about you. Rest easy, someday we'll be together again I know it. Rest on the pillows of heaven, in joy and peace, surrounded w/only the purest and most precious love, our Lords. God Bless My Angel In Heaven, Charity, Your Mom forever.............................


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