stillborn March 4, 2003.
Remembered by Mommy:
3/3/05 Tomorrow is the two year anniversary of my telling you goodbye. Never do I get to hold you or even hear you cry. To my precious angel, you are in my thoughts all day. If only I could see you or even watch you play. Walking tall you would be, and standing all alone, it wouldn't have been much longer before I couldn't keep you from the phone. I picture you all the time of how you would look today, and even though your not with me, I love you very much and happy birthday! I want you to know that I think about you all the time and hope you think of me. I see your Dada rocking you and holding you real tight and it makes me feel at ease knowing he is with you at night. I know heaven is a better place to live and I can't wait to get there with you!! I miss you soooo much and I will see you soon! :) I LOVE YOU!


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