stillborn 2/10/05.
Remembered by Bethany, Matthew, Caleb Vineyard:
As I awoke one morning from a dream I knew I was pregnant. My child came to me in a dream on a hillside of flowers sun shinning bright and we played and laughed. Along came a type of funnel cloud like what you would see during a tornado but it wasn't gloomy. I held my child close and then my son floated up in the air inside the funnel cloud towards the heavens above. When I awoke I immediatley took a pregnancy test and sure enough it was positive. I felt a great gift was given to me that my son had come to meet me. Now I know that he came to say hello and goodbye and that it was going to be alright.I know now how very importent that experience was. The loss of our son is so very painful. My son demise was due to a twisting in the umbilical cord which cut off the oxegyn supply. My dream stated to me in a calming way of the events that were to come. I will forever love you Jordan our son.


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