miscarried may27 2004.
Remembered by mommy daddy jj and charlie d:
to my little angel in.i havent forgot about you.i love and miss you you have a buddy to play with would have been 3 monthes old now and it would have been your 1st easter.but the lord chose to keep you as an angel instead and your brother up there in heaven will always be loved and never forgot about.i think of yous when i wake till i lay my head to sleep at night.i my heart still breaks.jj and charlie d never got over there babies that they lost.heaven is a gretaer place with you and your brother and aunt cass's baby.granny is havin a ball with her grand babies up there.granny and grandpa down here miss you's like crazy too.bye my little angels watch over us from mommy,daddy,jj,and charlie d.xoxoxo


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