miscarried March 3, 2005.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Jacob, and Courtney:
We found out on March 3, 2005 that our sweet baby no longer had a heart beat. He was delivered later that evening and we all miss him so much. This is a poem that I wrote. I had the pastor read it at the small funeral that we had for him at his burial site. “Jesus and Grandma in heaven above. Take care of our precious boy, and give him our love. Hug him and squeeze him, and hold him tight. Please don’t forget to kiss him goodnight. Goodbye is too hard to say, So we’ll say that we’ll see you again someday. When God calls us to say our time is through. We’ll come up to heaven to be with you. Then we’ll be able to hold our Prince so tight. And kiss him and love him every day and night. We miss you, Mingo Bingo more than you’ll ever know. We’re so sorry that you had to go. ++++++++++++++++ Dear Mingo Bingo, “Don’t be afraid my little one, for you are in a special place. And don’t worry about me; God will dry the tears upon my face. He needed another tiny angel but we are never far apart. You’re not in my arms, my little one, but you’re forever in my heart.“ All Of Our Love Always, Mommy, Daddy, Jacob, and Courtney


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