miscarried 3rd March 2005.
Remembered by Your Mommy and Daddy (Rosie and Duncan):
We named you Amber, as that means precious Jewel. We thought that was perfect for you because to use you were our precious little Jewel. We loved you so much from the first day we knew you were in Mommy's tummy. We surrounded you with love and hoped that this time all would be OK. sadly things didn't go our way and you left and went up to heaven. But please know how much we loved and cared for you. We wanted you more than you'll ever know, all our hopes and dreams was on you...our precious Jewel. Take care sweetheart and know you wont be alone, you'll always be surrounded in our love just like your 3 sisters. So don't feel scared, everything will be OK and one day we'll be reunited. But until then Good bye our beautiful baby girl. Love you always and forever xxx


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