miscarried 14 feb 2005.
Remembered by laura canner +ty oates:
i saw u 4 a moment so small bt perfect i was jus so scared i dint no wot 2 do i wnted 2 believe u were stil inside me n i stil wish u were inside me it hurts everyday wen i wake n rest my hand on my stomache n fink of u then remember ur nt there bt no1 understands they jus say i was 2 young neway n i can try again but if i was preganant again that baby wunt b u n ur the baby i wnt there is only 1 person dat wud understand bt shes not here i hope she lookin after u there is no1 else id like u 2 b with but her i love u so much u wernt with me 4 long but in the short space of time i thought my heart wud burst u ment so much 2 me love mummy xxxxxxx


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