stillborn 11/30/2000.
Remembered by Your Mommy, Charity:
My dear little angel in heaven, Its a beautiful warm sunny day, I am looking out my window here at work and I started to think about you. Remembering you and imagining your being cradled by the Lord, and dancing in the clouds with all the other spirits in heaven, in peace, in joy, in complete happiness. I miss you. Not long ago I opened your box and shared some of the memories of you with your little sister, Allison. She knows she has a baby brother in heaven. She is very smart. I showed her your picture, the blue sweater/bootie set Grandma Zentz made especially for you, I read thru some of the cards that family/friends sent to me when you were born, and as I put everything back into its place, I closed the box with a smile, knowing how blessed I am to have children here on earth and a child loved and cared for in the heavens. When people ask me how many kids I have, I say 4. And they wonder because they only see Tyler, Jacob and Allison with me here. They get sad when I talk about you, but I say don't be sad. I am fine with it. I know where my son is. And I know he is okay. Your father and I are doing fine. Often we get caught up in the moment of work, of raising the family, of keeping house and we don't cherish each other as much as I know we should. But deep down, there is a very strong connection between he and I that I know will always hold us down and keep us together. The experiences that we have shared that connects our hearts. One of those experiences is having you. So you see my dear son, your life had meaning, purpose, importance, love and joy, even if your heart only beat for 24 weeks. And now you live with the Lord, in heaven, watching over us, smiling and waiting for our returns. I love you always, and miss you completely. Charity


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