stillborn April 25, 2005.
Remembered by Holly and Nathaniel Farnam; your great-grandparents,grandparents, aunts, uncles and big sister:
Sweet Micah- We were so excited to meet you, love you, hold you and share the world with you. You looked so peaceful and beautiful, perfect in every way, except that life was not in you anymore. I treasure the precious time we had with you, feeling your kicks and hiccups, and such anticipation- gifts in their time. I pray that we have the grace and wisdom to grow in love and compassion from all that is you. Next time we are together, we will be in Perfect Love and Light. Forever your mother. Little Micah, you looked so perfect when you were born, only blue because the life was already gone from your little body. Just a while before, I felt your strong kicks and heard your steady heartbeat. I don't know why you died. I miss you when I see another little baby, or a little kid playing, or a picture, or sometimes just when I don't expect it, you pop into my head. I wish that I had gotten to hold you and feel your little feet kick and your little hands grab my finger and to hear your voice. But I did get to know you, and I am grateful for that. Love, your Pa


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