born 10-2-04 and died 10-2-04.
Remembered by Nichole Kelly:
Hi my name is Nichole im 19 and i had identicle baby oys on 10-2-04 and on the same day when i gave my birth i was told that my son Colin had passed away....i can't explane the pain i felt that very moment it was like my heart broke in millions of tiny peices.I cry ever day thinking about him and what it would be like if he were here with his brother,some times i think im selfish because how i want him here so badly but me knowing that if he were here he would have problems and we would have to focus 100% on him and his brother Tristan would be left out.I dont have a lot of memories of Colin only the ones when he was in my belly and kicking and the first time i held him in my arms boy was he perfect.People ask me still how do u deal with it and me being so young,but i try to live my life to the fullest in watching his brother grow every day but in side it kills me and to tell u the trouth i have no clue how i deal with it!i guess every thing happens for a reason and god needed a nother angel but i think why me what did i ever do so wrong to have him takin away from me?I guess i'll never know.


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