born March 20, 2004 and died Addison-3.20.04 /Adaline 3.21.04/ Lex 4.01.04.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, and Annabelle:
Our sweet little miracles.. we love you so much. We will always cherish the short time we had with you. After 5 years of pain we finally learned the happiest news we had ever gotten- our girls were on their way. My 7 months with you in my belly were the best in my life. The heartache of losing you will never go away. Addison, I never got to see your first breath... you'll always be mommy's littlest angel. Adaline, your tried you hardest but the world was too tough for you.. you were the most beautiful child I'd ever seen. Lex, my little fighter you were so brave and strong.. You are too good for this place. Your big sister Annabelle still talks about you all the time and dreams of her little sisters often. I will hold you again one day in my arms. You know your loved more than anyone could understand. Goodbye my sweet girls..


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